Diversity at
VSP Global Businesses

VSP leverages the diversity of our people, innovative processes, and advanced technologies to deliver "best-in-class" vision care and eyewear.

Our employees, clients, members, and providers come from diverse social, cultural, geographic, and economic backgrounds. Their diverse thoughts and perspectives, woven together, create a vibrant atmosphere that embraces new ideas and encourages the creation of comprehensive solutions.

See What's Possible
See What's Possible

VSP Global is an equal opportunity employer and gives consideration for employment to qualified applicants without regard to gender, race, color, religion, sex, national origin, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability or protected veteran status.





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The Abilities Beyond Limited Expectations Business Resource Group’s purpose is to advocate for quality, positive eye care experiences for patients with impairments as part of their overall health, as well as provide resources for employees with impairments and employees associated with people with impairments. This business resource group also seeks to help grow the diversity of VSP employees and promote VSP Global as a cognitive and physical impairment-friendly environment.


Asian Pacific


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The goal of the Asian Pacific Islander Business Resource Group is to bring together the Asian and Pacific Islander community.




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The Black Heritage Business Resource Group is comprised of VSP employees with a focus on the African American community. All employees, regardless of ethnicity, are welcome to join and partner with our business group. Our goal is to support and contribute to the success of VSP Global.



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The Latino Business Resource Group consists of members of Latino and Non-Latino descent with an affinity to support the Latino community and develop shared value for VSP Global. We afford members personal and professional growth, provide networking opportunities and strengthen our relationships.


Lesbian, Gay,



and Allies

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The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Allies Business Resource Group supports our business by leveraging the talent and unique perspectives of our LGBTA employees.




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The Military Veterans Business Resource Group's mission is to provide support, awareness, and networking for active and veteran military personnel and their families. We do this by leveraging exceptional military talent, facilitating the transition into our corporate culture, providing professional development and establishing relationships and outreach programs with veteran organizations and businesses.




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The Young Professionals Business Resource Group's mission is to serve as a platform to engage and develop VSP's young professional workforce. Our focus is to leverage the innovative skills of this workforce while giving back to the community. By providing constant opportunities for professional growth, our members are in a unique position to gain exposure and contribute to VSP's commitment to diversity and inclusion.