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Path to Premier

VSP Premier

There are countless innovations today in the field of optometry. New products, new services, even new clouds! So why are we still leaving patient acquisition and retention to chance?


Now, imagine a path that takes your business to new heights. A destination that will deliver more patients, more revenue, and more support.

Today's patients are savvy and connected. They seek quality and value from their doctors—and are willing to move to find it. When they do, they’re a patient for life. To keep them in your practice, the VSP Global companies are enhancing the way we connect patients to network doctors. It’s called Premier.

Premier is a game-changing business model that brings together our lines of business and others across the industry to offer more opportunities to connect with patients, and to earn more revenue through enhanced savings programs; such as:

  • More patients, thanks to Premier online visibility.
  • More revenue, including an additional $10 for every Marchon and Altair frame provided*. Plus, providers receive 40% off new Marchon and Altair collections**.
  • More support, like a suite of marketing services designed to increase reach and engagement with patients.

And, that's only the beginning as we join forces with industry players to bring you more opportunities.

When you get on the Path to Premier, benefits increase the more you participate. Call your VSP Global Sales Representative to learn how. Or, send an e-mail to and a representative will contact you.

*Available on VSP Signature and Choice claims.

**Up to three new collections, with a 25 piece minimum per collection. Offer valid through 2013.