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Eye Make a Difference

Looking Out for Eyes Around the World

Through the VSP Global eyewear donation program, Eye Make a Difference, we're partnering with communities near and far to help serve those globally who cannot afford or do not have access to eyewear.

The Eye Make a Difference program boosts awareness about the importance of eye health while providing an opportunity for everyone in the community to support a charitable cause. Once VSP Global receives donated glasses, they're refurbished, cleaned, and labeled for those in need through world missions.

Since inception of the program in 2008, the Eye Make a Difference program, in partnership with our VSP network doctors, clients, and members, has collected and distributed more than 164,000 pairs of glasses to those in need across the globe.

How You Can Help

Showing your support for the VSP Global Eye Make a Difference program is easy. To obtain a donation box and get started, just e-mail us!

Then, use these convenient tools to help promote the Eye Make a Difference program in your community:

  • Eye Make a Difference flier includes information about the VSP Global Eyes of Hope program, donation guidelines, and simple instructions for handling eyewear donations.
  • Hang this 8 x 11 poster or 11 x 17 poster in your workplace, school, or organization so others can learn about the program and find out where to donate glasses.
  • Have a box of glasses to donate? Order convenient pre-paid return shipping labels online.


What's the purpose of the Eye Make a Difference program?

More than 1 billion people in developing countries need eyeglasses but can’t afford them. The Eye Make a Difference donation program provides a simple way for the community to help make a difference by donating their eyeglasses.

Why is VSP Global promoting this donation program?

The eyewear donation program complements our ongoing contributions to the community through programs such as Sight for Students®. More than 27,000 VSP doctors and 37,000 clients are great partners to help with this important cause.

Where do the donated glasses go?

Once VSP Global receives the recycled glasses, we refurbish and send them throughout the world through mission trips conducted by VSP doctors and other partners who help identify people in need.

Does VSP track who receives the donated glasses?

At this time, we don’t track individual pairs of donated glasses because  we distribute them through a variety of missions and charitable organizations.

Where can I donate my used eyeglasses?

If your employer or VSP doctor does not have a donation box, you can start a donation drive yourself by e-mailing us!

What types of donations do you accept?

Complete sets of prescription eyewear
Prescription and nonprescription sunglasses

Not Accepted:
Frame only
Lenses only
Glasses cases
Lens cloths, solutions, and other miscellaneous optical goods
Damaged or broken glasses

Why doesn’t my employer have a donation box?

The donation program started with a small group of VSP clients, so not every employer has a donation box. Your employer can take part in the Eyes of Hope program by e-mailing us a request for a donation box.

I want to donate my glasses, but my VSP doctor doesn't have a donation box and I don?t want to start my own donation drive.

To donate your used glasses, simply drop them into a padded envelope and mail them to:
VSP Vision Care
Eyeglasses Donation, MS 611
11340 White Rock Road, Suite 200
Sacramento, CA 95742

Can I order a donation box for a special event I’m involved in?

If you’d like to order a box for a special event, please submit your request by e-mailing us.