Mobile Eye Care Clinics

VSP Mobile Eyes features deluxe mobile eye care clinics on wheels, outfitted with state-of-the-art exam rooms and dispensaries, ready to transform sight at every site we visit. When not helping in times of disaster, our fully funded mobile eye care clinics travel to community events across North America.


VSP Mobile Eyes grew from relief efforts following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005. We were on the scene to replace lost or damaged eyewear to those affected by the storms, and to help doctors provide care.

Today, VSP Mobile Eyes includes three mobile eye care clinics that feature exam rooms with the latest technology, dispensaries with popular frame brands donated by Marchon Eyewear and Altair Eyewear, UNITY® lenses donated by VSP Optics Group, and finishing labs to make glasses on-site. Working in partnership with VSP providers who volunteer their time and expertise, patients receive comprehensive eye exams and, if needed, glasses.

If you've received an eye exam or new glasses on board a VSP Mobile Eyes clinic, we'd like to hear how it has improved your life.


Upcoming Events

VSP providers will be volunteering their time and expertise to provide free comprehensive eye exams and eyewear to adults and children in need on-board VSP Mobile Eyes clinics Eyenstein, SeeLia, and SeeZar at the following locations. All appointments are pre-scheduled with a community partner unless otherwise indicated.



San Francisco, CA
Appointments are being scheduled for Delancey Street program participants who qualify.

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Superstorm Sandy


All the volunteers were wonderful. This service was a blessing at just the right time. My son needs to wear glasses all the time. His glasses were recently broken and I didn’t know how I was going to replace them. Now he won’t have to struggle to see in class and he will be able to see. I’m grateful for all the help I received today.

Sarah S.


My experience with VSP has been a blessing. I would like to thank both Tyreke Evans and VSP for this opportunity to receive glasses over the years. I have not been able to afford glasses, nor do I have vision insurance. Since I retired in 2004, I could only afford the Dollar Store reading glasses. Thank you.

Phyllis J.


I would like to thank everyone. I haven’t been able to see good in years. When I was at one of the stations and about ready to cry from being so excited about new glasses I wasn’t able to afford myself – thanks to you I will be! Thank you for answering my prayers. Thank You and God Bless!

Brenda C.

North Carolina

I had a beautiful experience with VSP. I enjoyed the wonderful hospitality I was given. I found out that I had a problem I didn’t even know existed. But overall the service was great!

Pamela C.

New York

Thank you so much! What a great experience and now my daughter is ready for second grade! Thanks again!

Sarah H.


Best eye exam ever…most thorough! Happy, happy, polite people! I love you! Thank you.

Sue L.


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